Dude Coding Standards

Welcome to the Dude Coding Standards (DCS) documentation by Finnish digital agency Dude, locally known literally as Digitoimisto Dude Oy.
WIP-note for staff: This Space is meant for public Coding Standards documentation only that should be visible for everyone online. Everything else in tech should be located in Internal Development Docs or Public Company Handbook.

Development at Dude

You are browsing the technical Coding Standards handbook of Dude, the Finnish digital agency. This handbook is supposed to be helpful for both internal and external members of Dude. It consists of best practices in programming at Dude.

Base for development

We are committed to keep this handbook under continuous development. If we notice issues in our tech, workflow, DevOps or anything related, we will improve on those areas. If you have any suggestions to this handbook, please send them to [email protected]. Thanks!
Please note: As most of this documentation includes pretty common best practices, it may also have something strictly specific to our company culture. It may not be easily followed by a external member of our community so please advice.

What is Dude?

Dude is a shortened name of a Finnish boutique web design agency formed in 2013 in Jyväskylä, Finland. Our main product is customized WordPress websites, weshops and web services for companies.
Our area of operation is currently Finland, but as we are a part for active WordPress community, actively publishing our tools and ways with open source licenses and using English as a development language, hence this documentation landing page is in English as well.